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The words of oil: a strategic lever for marketing

It is impossible to limit the use of words from the top otherwise even the most suggestive words would lose their effect and their communicative power. At the same time, it is necessary to create a consortium to verify the reliability and the precision of the employed words

The oil tasting cannot be left to the spontaneous initiative of people. The sensory experts and the tasting schools should continuously assess – perhaps through an expert pool – the scientific level of what is produced in the context of the sensory evaluation. Hence, it is important to monitor the vocabulary of words that is used to describe oil, in order to protect it from an erroneous use of some terms that, although evocative, can be self-defeating.

The oil words should be part of a properly studied and institutionalized lexicon but, at the same time, they should not be frozen but continuously revisited and renewed.

Emotional terms. Together with official terms, which are necessary technical, there are also emotional words. As a matter of fact it is pivotal also to employ such words, especially considering the need of communicating with media or the marketing jargon. It is necessary to be quite careful at this regard, though and to look for the supervision of experts.

The words for communication. The sensory profile of the olive oil should also be used for a commercial use. This is legitimate and it should actually be boosted since it allows the consumer to gain some confidence in a difficult and poorly-charming world such as the oil one. The words, in particular whenever enriched by an emotional aspect, can be a great advantage on the market. A strategic lever for marketing such as the use of appealing words cannot be limited from the top otherwise even the most suggestive words would lose their effect and their communicative power.

The risk to falsify the reality exists, indeed. Unscrupulous producers or vendors could attribute mischievously some sensory characteristics to their oils. Hence the necessity to regulate this subject, without imprisoning it with rules that kill the creative flow of communication.
This is the goal to be achieved in the next future: to work on the rules about the naming of the Protected Designation of Origin products.

by Luigi Caricato
01 november 2010, Technical Area > Olive & Oil