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Peru vs. the oil of Spain

The increase of import of Spanish oil in Peru is staking that country investments and can bring to the closure of many oil plants

The olive culture of Peru is suffering the Spanish competition and something between the planned 400 and the 1,000 new hectares of olive tree could not be realized if the import from Spain is not stopped.

According to Alfredo Gonzalez, founder of the Pro Olivos Association, which represents the 90% of the Peruvian olive and oil exporters, the import increased from 8,000 to 29,000 liters in the last years. “This means that every time that Spain sells oil on the Peruvian market, our olive culture, concentrated in the area of Tacna, suffers”.

Of the 80,000 kilograms of olives produced in Peru, the 10% goes for oil. In this country, given the low cost of the workforce, the harvesting is still made by hand. If the situation doesn’t change, many transformation plants are going to close, says Gonzales.

The oil sector in Peru is actually promising since, according to the Pro Olivos Association data, in the last July the olive oil export to USA increased of the 191% for an average price of 3.54$ per kilo; a 31% increase in quotations from 2009.

by S. C.
06 december 2010, Technical Area > Olive & Oil