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Happy birthday Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The commercial definition for the juice of olives born officialy in Italy, by law, 13 november 1960. Teatro Naturale celebrated this anniversay with a big party

Fifty years have passed by the Law Number 1407 of 13 November 1960.

In the Acts of the Parliament House of Representatives (third term, No 1899) may decline to report Germani, the result of the Eleventh Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry: "The new classification is based on a criterion commodity and tends to distinguish types with a prediction that best responds to their purity and their value. (...) ".

The term "virgin", really, dates back to September 27, 1936, with the title of "fine virgin olive oil."
In other nations would have preferred perhaps other definitions.
the Arabic word "az-zait" means "olive juice" and it is from this item, moreover, that derives the Spanish word aceite.

The meaning of "extra virgin olive oil" is now universally acquired.
All laws, from the European Union, provide "extra virgin olive oil" as a top category among all the olive oils.

So it is also known in the new producer and consumer countries.
From Italy to the world, it is a merit that it is rarely recognized.
Teatro Naturale then wanted to celebrate with a festival event, on 2 December in Milan - Italy, the birthday of extra virgin olive oil, discussing the past, present and future of a product that is an integral part of the culture and Mediterranean diet.

It is not easy to live 50 years as protagonist, passing through scandals, fights, on various levels, from the healthy to the price, compared to other vegetable oils and animal fats.
Extra virgin olive oil must be accorded a tenacity unrivaled.
How can we forget the difficult years in which the seed oils boasted a better healthy image of the extra-virgin olive oil. It took years, dozens of scientific studies to reverse the situation.

Today, as then there is a strong passion that surrounds this product.
Today, as then there is a large group of honest and committed to extra virgin who devotes their work and their lives.

Future issues of Teatro Naturale International our readers can "taste" these little pearls of wisdom, the fruit of years of experience and centuries of history.

by T N
06 december 2010, Technical Area > Olive & Oil