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Great expectations for the fifth edition of “Olio Capitale”. Ready to go!

The meeting will be in Trieste, from March 18th till 21st. The organization is ready for the presentation of typical and high quality extra virgin olive oils. According to Antonio Paoletti, the key for the oil industry to be a winner in fairs is to run alone

We met with Dr. Antonio Paoletti, President of Triest Chamber of Commerce, and national Vice-President of Unioncamere. He is the reference figure for “Olio Capitale”, the well regarded fair on olive oil which will celebrate its fifth edition in 2011. We asked him some questions to clarify some controversial rumors, which had gained some steam.

Antonio Paoletti

President Paoletti, is everything ready for the fifth edition of “Olio Capitale”?
Sure, after the past success of “Olio Capitale”, this year meeting will be March 18th-21st. We begin with an edge this year. After a change in the organization during last summer, the responsibility goes from Fiera Triests SpA to Trieste Chamber of Commerce, through its special division Aries. All this helps the success of the event, because our organization historically has an agile, dynamic and close to business and enterprises structure.

This is the only Italian event which runs alone.
Yes, we are courageously carrying ahead “Olio Capitale” to present exclusively olive oil, without any help from other food products, such as wine or beer, which normally distract the attention from away from extra virgin olive oil. In order for this to be successful, he has to run alone, with no fears, otherwise it will never reach a status other than that of a dressing, plain and simple. It does deserve to be presented with authority. Those among professional and individual visitors who come to “Olio Capitale” clearly intend to know exclusively one product and the oil industry, with no distraction.

This year is the 50th anniversary of extra virgin olive oil: how will you celebrate this date?
We want to emphasize the product and its producers, so that the true value of extra virgin olive oil can be presented to buyers, restaurant chefs and owners, and to consumers, during the entire fairs. This has been what we have done, with good success, in the previous meetings, thus contributing to orientate the consume of oil, and especially to harmonize the complex commercial dynamics of the oil industry. Our sight is always set on the new markets in Eastern Europe, without neglecting any author country. We have been enhancing the already good experience of meetings between sellers and buyers, doing our best to emphasize the respective commercial needs.

by T N
03 january 2011, Technical Area > Olive & Oil