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World olive oil production in decline

Great turning point in the industry: this year the production was lower than the consumption, 2.95 to 2.98 million tons

The International Olive Oil Council (IOOC) estimated that the world olive oil production, 2.95 million tons for the 2010-2011 season, decreased of 2.5%, according to the preliminary estimates presented in the IOOC 98th session which took place in Madrid from November 22nd through 26th.

The main producer is still European Union (EU), with 2.1 million tons, of which 1.2 from Spain (-14% from the previous campaign), 336000 tons produced by Greece, 480000 tons by Italy, 67500 tons by Portugal, 65000 tons by Cyprus and 6000 tons by France.
Out of EU, IOOC estimated a production of 193500 tons from Syria, 160000 tons from Turkey, 12000 from Tunisia, 150000 from Morocco, 48000 from Algeria, 24900 from Palestine, 19000 from Jordan, 18000 from Australia, 17500 from Argentina, and 15000 from Lybia.

The world olive oil consumption will reach 2.98 million tons, with a 3.65 % increase from the previous campaign 2009-2010.

As regards the main areas where olive oil is sold, EU is leader again with 1.88 million tons, followed by USA (260000), Syria (125000), and Tuerky (115000).

IOOC has estimated that the world export will increase of 5.05% and reach 707000 tons, with EU (438000 tons) as the main commercial power, followed at great distance by Morocco (40000 tons), Syria (50000 tons), Tunisia (90000 tons), and Turkey (38000 tons).
The import for the period between October 1st 2010 and September 30th 2011 is estimated at 648000 tons, with a 2.93% increase from the previous year.

by T N
03 january 2011, Technical Area > Olive & Oil