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A Manifesto for the resurgence of Italian oil

The resurgence of olive oil industry has to go through a revolution to define universal principles to defend olives and oil. Teatro Naturale has proposed them in a document presented at Olio Capitale in Trieste

The fifth edition of Olio Capitale, which took place in Trieste, marked the start a new era for the Italian olive oil industry. Teatro Naturale, one of the most credible sources of information worldwide in the field of oils and fats, has elaborated a manifesto in ten points to revitalize extra virgin olive oil, titled “Manifesto for the Resurgence of Italian oil - between science and conscience.

Universal principles in defense of olives and oil”, and the main innovation proposed by this manifesto is the introduction of a new extra virgin, of superior quality, to name “Olive Juice”, as a solution to give new vale to a product which has been debased from a commercial standpoint by too frequent discount offers. This manifesto is meant to give visibility and vitality to the rural world, in order for this to achieve a just reward for its work, without creating conflict between the different protagonists of the weaving factory.

ONE. The present Manifesto, devised and drafted by Teatro Naturale, is exclusively aimed at defending the purity and genuineness of oils. TWO. All categories of olive oils recognized by the law at present deserve equal consideration, in the respect of the hierarchy of values, in this order: extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, olive oil, olive residues oil.
THREE. Any product of olives is agricultural production. Thus, oil is the direct expression of an agricultural product (like fruit juice or crush: extra virgin and virgin oils), or of a processed agricultural product (olive oil and olive residues oil). FOUR. The olive oil industry summarizes and expresses a unique body, including diverse souls and identities, each to be preserved and favored in its own operative dynamics. It cannot be accepted a fragmented sector, whose components are in conflict. FIVE. After six thousand years of experience in olive culture and elaiotecnica, it can be solemnly states, without any benefit of doubt or prejudice, that no true preservation and protection of the much celebrate spirit of tradition can be achieved without accepting with conviction all progress brought by continuous innovation. SIX. Extra virgin olive oils must recover the lost values and identity. In spite of the ever growing quality of productions, prices pose serious issues. The original nucleus which brought to the introduction of the “extra virgin olive oil” category must be preserved, in sight of a higher quality and faultless product. SEVEN<EIGHT. Both olive oil and extra virgin olive oil to be named “Olive Juice” will be exclusively produced according to scientific principles, avoiding that the precious food fat will be altered by unconscious acts through deplorable fraudulent actions. NINE. Oliveculture and elaiotecnica are sciences to be promoted and supported in all possible ways, first of all by the creation of a professional figure, the “oleologist”, who will overview the whole process of realization of the final product, with the utmost attention for olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, and superior quality extra virgin oil, to be named “Olive Juice”; the oleologist will also take care of the whole family of oils, without any discrimination. TEN. No ideological war in the name of olive and oil. Any product derived from a raw matter like olive is an agricultural product which can have different features, all deserving attention. There is no farm oil, nor handmade oil nor industrial oil. The raw matter comes from the country and, going through the press, becomes virgin or extra virgin olive oil, or refined when not edible, in order to obtain a final product destined to the direct consumption: olive oil; if derived from the solid residues of olives, olive residues oil. All different product categories which represent the whole family of olive oils, have a very specific identifying profile; each deserves the dignity of product, especially because of the clearly superior quality with respect to other fat foods on the market. No contrast should be admitted. Any product coming from olives is an agricultural product, and no ideological war can be justified or promoted.

by T N
04 april 2011, Technical Area > Olive & Oil