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Energy-dense foods and dessert at the holiday table activate genes for obesity

A diet that is high in fat and in sugar can stimulate accumulation of fats more than usual inducing a "supersized fat-storing"

S. C.

The silent but innocuous invasion of shield bugs

Against these tiresome insects, which are innocuous but emit irritating stinks, we have to provide for insect screens and vacuum cleaners

Ernesto Vania

A new generation of bioinsecticide against Ceratitis capitata

A research spanish group has isolated and identified a stump of the genus Bacillus, extremely toxic for larvae of Mediterranean fruit fly

Ernesto Vania

Pest resistant varieties of eggplant developed

A success of UPLB research. Reduced pest population of leafhopper and shoot/fruit borer in the field and, eventually, high production yield

Graziano Alderighi

Proteins and hydrolyzed protein compounds to safeguard plants

Researchers from the Italian Agricultural Institute of San Michele dell’Adige and from the Israeli Volcani Centre developed a new protein based produced useful against many plant diseases

R. T.

Africanized bees caused less damage to native bees

A 17-year study revealed also that "killers" may increase the availability of food plants for "victims"

S. C.

Indoor plants remove gases or vapors from indoor air

Potted plants don't only add a certain aesthetic value to homes and offices, bringing a touch of nature to indoor spaces but have short and long term health effects on humans and animals

S. C.

The sticky labels can be replaced by laser technology

We are used to see labels on fruits and vegetables but in the future products could be identified at the supermarket by tattoos

S. C.

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