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Taxing junk foods can be a bad idea

The debate about junk foods is very hot in Italy at the moment. According to the nutritionist Andrea Ghiselli, classifying food as bad or good is simply wrong. The “cure” could have boomerang effects

S. C.

A natural spray can protect your garden trees and flowers

Researchers at The University of Alabama and Miami University of Ohio have introduced foliar spray, both externally and systemically, with "anti-freeze" properties

S. C.

Ok the polyphenols, but which one? And how much?

It is all matter of variety and quantity. The blueberry juice is healthier than the single components that it contains. To get enough resveratrol we should drink many liters of wine a day

Ernesto Vania

Christmas marzipan could be contaminated with cheap fakes

A report appears in ACS' Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reveals that manufacturers, to reduce costs, could use use cheap substitutes like ground-up peach seeds, soybeans or peas

Graziano Alderighi

Decoding of the Arhar genome by Indian scientists

Pigeonpea is the second most important pulse crop of India. About 85% of this grain legume is produced and consumed in India


Tailored non-GMO soybeans create new opportunities in animal and aquafeeds

Novel soybean varieties are now commercially available with oligosaccharide levels significantly reduced from a normal value of 5.5% to 0.5% and trypsin inhibitors from 55,000 TIU/g to a low of 7,000 TIU/g

S. C.

The 25 most disruptive biotechnology technologies

The developments have the potential to change the direction of the industry over the next decade

S. C.

How to reduce nitrogen pollution

A U.S. Department of Agriculture soil scientist in Colorado is helping farmers grow crops with less nitrogen-based fertilizer

Graziano Alderighi

Cow urine is the source of the ammonia emission problem

Dairy cows excrete large amounts of urine, about 3.5 gallons daily for each cow. That’s almost 1,300 gallons per yea. Feeding cows natural plant extracts can reduce dairy farm odors and feed costs

S. C.

The quality of light and the nutraceutical compounds in tomatoes

The UV-B rays are not necessarily harmful. According to the researchers of the University of Pisa they could be used to improve the healthy and nutritive properties of the tomato, renouncing to chemical or bioengineering treatments

Anna Maria Ranieri

Escherichia coli can survive long time in sediments

E. coli strains don't cause illness, but they are indicator organisms used by water quality managers to estimate fecal contamination


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