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Maintaining proper hoof health

Environmental conditions during the spring and fall seasons often predispose animals to hoof problems

S. C.

Varroa, more dangerous bees killer, could be forced to self destruct

Researchers from the Government’s National Bee Unit and Aberdeen University have worked out how to "silence" natural functions in the mites genes to make them self destruct

Graziano Alderighi

New methodology for evaluating the degradation of pesticides in soil

This revision will consist of a tiered exposure assessment for organisms in soil based on scenarios for analytical and numerical models


Nicotine is a usefull pesticide

After the reduction of the demand of tobacco in some parts of the world, scientists are looking for new uses

S. C.

Free insect pheromone kits

Russell IPM Ltd is offering free pheromone monitoring kits to Universities and Agricultural research centers working on insects of economic importanc

S. C.

Insecticides from GM corn are present in near streams

A new study by University of Notre Dame reveals that streams throughout the Midwest are receiving transgenic materials from corn crop byproducts, even six months after harvest

Ernesto Vania

Indian research center clones a male buffalo

The cloned calf, named Shresth, weighing 41 kg was born through normal delivery with slight assistance carried out by a team of doctors

R. T.

New corn lines resist fungal toxins

Corn germplasm lines developed by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists are scoring high marks in field trials for resistance to aflatoxin

S. C.

News in glyphosate manufacturing technology

A project of “11th five-year plan” National Science and Technology Support Programs, passed the acceptance inspection

S. C.

The extra virgin oil acts directly on DNA

The olive oil bio-phenols modify the expression of genes involved in arteriosclerosis

R. T.

Alarm for new strains of Ug99

Four new mutations of Ug99, a strain of a deadly wheat pathogen known as stem rust, have overcome existing sources of genetic resistance developed

S. C.

Sequenced the genome of Pseudomonas savastanoi

The sequencing of the genome of this pathogen opens the doors to the identification of the genes responsible for the virulence of this bacteria and its survival on the philosphere

R. T.

The French viticulture tries the transgenic way

The agriculture Minister Le Maire, after the ok of the Biotechnology council, authorizes the test in open country of a GMO vine

Graziano Alderighi

A sensor to aler when the plants are thirsty

At a farm in Colorado beans attached to leaf sensors used 25% less water with the sensors than the plants did when watered using standard irrigation practices

Graziano Alderighi

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