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University of Idaho completes first 60 days of biomass drying with successful results

Texas Entrepreneur Randy Hill announced that the University of Idaho has successfully dried 7 loaded trailers with woody biomass material. In April, Hill announced that the University of Idaho had been selected as the recipient of a grant along with the use of an Advanced Trailer for Biomass to use in the university's steam boiler plant.

“The results are exciting and the Advanced Trailer for Biomass is working,” Hill announced. “A number of trailers loaded with biomass have now been successfully dried at the University of Idaho and they all show that the trailer does an effective job of removing moisture from wood chips. The University has been successful using both heated airflow and non-heated airflow. For years, this has been the challenge with biomass: efficiently lowering moisture levels. Now using Advanced Trailers patent pending technology, the biomass revolution can truly begin.”

by S. C.
01 october 2009, Technical Area > Science News