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Dear New York Times, only the title is a pity

The strip that you've posted on 2014/01/24 is accurate and it expresses the reality. Inside the olive oil you are talking about there is nothing of Italy, absolutely nothing , and I'll explain

Gino Celletti

Agriculture ‘engine of growth’ that Africa needs

FAO Director-General marks launch of the African Year of Agriculture and Food Security and 2025 zero hunger target

S. C.

FDA proposes rule to prevent food safety risks during transportation

The proposed rule would not cover shippers, receivers, or carriers engaged in food transportation operations that have less than $500,000 in total annual sales

S. C.

China fertilizer industry will grow

The growing population and consequently ensuring food supply would escalate the demand of fertilizers in China

S. C.

Icqrf and Pesaro Financial Guard against the false organic products from Asia and East Europe

Police has dislocated a criminal international association involving several persons among whom were operators from the organic products sector who imported from third countries corn for the zoo technical sector and, in some case, for human nutrition, falsely certificated as “organic”

S. C.

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