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Change of direction for Teatro Naturale

The new director of Teatro Naturale and Teatro Naturale International is Alberto Grimelli, co-founder and former managing editor of the magazines


Italian export wine value achieves 8% in the first semester

According to the analyses conducted by Assoenologi on wine exports, the aggregated data of the first part of the year shows positive data with the increase of the value collocated abroad from 2,16 to 2,35 billion euro

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WTO opens country of origin labelling dispute

Canada maintains that the U.S. has failed to bring its COOL measure into conformity with its WTO obligations. It believes that the recent amendments to the COOL regulations will further hinder the ability of Canadian cattle and hog producers to freely compete in the U.S.

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Reforestation means better food security

Communities in Mali are putting their hopes in techniques such as Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration and soil preservation practices to put a stop to persistent food insecurity

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World Bank helps communities adapt to climate change risks

The Government of Tajikistan and the World Bank launched a project today valued at $16.88 million that aims to support sustainable management of natural resources in Tajikistan and increase the resilience of communities to climate change impacts

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Lighting Rural India: is feeder segregation the only answer?

A new World Bank report cautions against "One size fits all’ approach across states

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Costa Rica first to negotiate sale of forestry carbon credits

Country forges ahead to protect 340,000 hectares, benefit rural communities, and meet its 2021 carbon neutrality goal

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Links between chemical exposure and health outcomes in Maine fire fighters

Fire fighters have high rates of many types of cancers including four types that are thought to be related to their occupational exposure to carcinogens

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Pesticide risk assessment of the active substance sodium silver thiosulfate

The conclusions were reached on the basis of the evaluation of the representative uses of this sodium silver thiosulfate complex as a plant growth regulator on cut flowers

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