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Ukraine and Russia in the sunoil market: competitors or partners?

The 2013/14 season saw sunseed records in Ukraine and Russia. Both countries harvested bumper total sunseed crops and are processing them at a record pace: a combined almost 6.6 MMT of sunoil has been produced in Ukraine and Russia this season

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The business of farming: Agribusiness Congress East Africa

The business of farming, the effect of climate change in agriculture and attracting young people to the agri-sector are some of the main topics on the agenda at the annual Agribusiness Congress East Africa

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The International Olive Council invites the Japanese to “Believe in Olive Oil”

The aim of this new campaign is to introduce new flavours to the Japanese audience and to show how olive oil can be incorporated as a healthy, tasty ingredient in traditional Japanese cuisine

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Drink your vegetables: Center shows kids it can be easy and tasty to be green

Hiding vegetables inside other foods may be an outdated approach to get kids to eat their greens. The Center for Childhood Obesity and Research has another idea: Draw attention to them

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Safety net measures for dairy, fruit and vegetables to be extended

Safety net measures for the European dairy, fruit and vegetables sectors will be extended into 2016. The European Commission is currently finalising the last details with a view to formally adopting the relevant legal decisions in the coming weeks as a matter of formality

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Plant health risks linked to import of soil and growing media

The great majority of the growing media identified by the literature search – 678 out of 880 – included plant materials. Measures such as heat treatment, use of pesticides and fumigation to reduce the presence of harmful organisms in soil and growing media.

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Australians begin to dislike low-carb beer

Although one might expect low-carb beers to appeal to dieters and calorie counters, the people drinking it are less concerned than the average Australian with such issues

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What climate change implies for global food security and trade

New book assesses climate challenge and ways of coping with it. Beneficiary of an FAO water management project in India checks a groundwater monitoring station

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Three major Italian research institutions join forces with FAO

Collaboration to focus on sustainable food production, inclusive value chains. The three research agencies together employ over 10,000 scientists in more than 100 institutes across Italy

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Greater protection of GI wines: EFOW applauds the INTA committee vote on the TTIP resolution

he European Federation of Origin Wines (EFOW), the Brussels-based organisation representing Geographical Indications (GIs) wines, welcomes the positive outcome of today’s vote in the European Parliament’s international trade (INTA) committee on MEP Lange’s report on the TTIP calling for a greater protection of GIs

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Over 97% of foods in EU contain pesticide residues within legal limits

Compared with the results for 2010, when the same food products, excluding wine, were tested, the percentage of samples exceeding the legal limits has fallen for all food products tested

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European Parliament demand action to halt spread of Xylella fastidiosa

Xylella fastidiosa is of highly dangerous immediate threat to production, especially in southern Europe. Welcome EU import restrictions on plants from affected areas in third countries. They also urge that growers be compensated for their losses, and suggest stepping up funding for research to combat the bacteria, which may attack other plants

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Louisiana’s wheat crop headed toward disaster for 2015

Excessive rain across Louisiana is compounding already existing problems with the 2015 wheat crop and leading to what LSU AgCenter experts call a disastrous season

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The possible associations between pesticide exposure and human health

The EFSA report highlighted a number of methodological limitations in the epidemiological studies, including a large heterogeneity of data, a lack of direct exposure estimates, and use of generic pesticide definitions

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Measures for the evaluation of high-quality extra virgin olive oils

Calls on the Commission to take measures to protect the producers of high-quality extra virgin olive oils from unfair market competition, while enhancing the EU’s olive sector

Ivan Jakovčić

US wine exports grow 1.6% in 2014

The Wine Institute believes 2015 will be a challenging year for US wines in the EU given the weakening of the euro at the back end of 2014, and the consequent re-adjustment of the market

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Spanish olive oil system near to the crack?

The Mfao futures market forced to become a financial instrument. Deoleo announces a loss of 74 million euro in 2014 due to sales below cost. Also decreased turnover, below the 800 million euro

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