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Two Italians in Taipei for the culture of the extra virgin olive oil

Marco Antonucci and Fausto Borella, collaborators of Teatro Naturale, despite the crisis this year, continue undeterred to divulge to the world the culture of extra virgin Italian and in December will be in Taipei

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The olive oil world giants are betting on Spain

Huge investments in Cordoba both the Portuguese Sovena and the Spanish Deoleo. In Italy no investment is planned or for quality control or for olive


Flexibility for EU countries to ban GMO crops

Long-awaited draft plans to allow EU member states to restrict, or ban, the cultivation of crops containing genetically modified organisms on their own territory even if it is allowed at EU level

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Olive oil production in Andalusia drop of 56%

The Department of Agriculture estimates that the province of Jaen bad harvest will lose € 4 million in wages. No alarm for Infaoliva:  extra virgin stocks will be sufficient for the market

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In France, wine is part of its cultural heritage

Following in the footsteps of Uruguay or Argentina, which recognised wine as the "national drink", France is thus recognising special protection for wine and viticultural terroirs by integrating them into France's cultural, gastronomic and landscape heritage

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Energy for growing and harvesting crops is a large component of farm operating costs

Agricultural energy consumption includes both direct and indirect energy consumption. Direct energy consumption includes the use of diesel, electricity, propane, natural gas, and renewable fuels for activities on the farm. Indirect energy consumption includes the use of fuel and feedstock (especially natural gas) in the manufacturing of agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides

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Healthy foods are three times more expensive per calorie than less healthy foods

Novel use of UK national data finds a growing gap between the prices of more and less healthy foods between 2002 and 2012

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Sweet sorghum production guide released

Sweet sorghum in Louisiana is planted from mid-April to mid-May with harvest in August

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In India encouraging results in the production of olive oil

At the moment the production is 100 tons but the will is to make Rajasthan a center specialized olive oil, thanks to the seven pilot companies that will become much more


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