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FAO presents $50 million emergency plan as Ethiopia faces worst drought in 30 years

Elsewhere on the African continent, El Niño has lowered crop prospects in southern Africa and many countries in the region are taking measures. South Africa has already declared drought status for five provinces, its main cereal producing regions, while Lesotho has issued a drought mitigation plan and Swaziland has implemented water restrictions as reservoir levels have become low

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El Niño lowers early production outlook in Southern Africa

To reduce the adverse effects of El Niño, FAO has already triggered several interventions across southern Africa that are also building on existing programmes following last season's reduced production

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The business of farming: Agribusiness Congress East Africa

The business of farming, the effect of climate change in agriculture and attracting young people to the agri-sector are some of the main topics on the agenda at the annual Agribusiness Congress East Africa

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Globalization threatens benefits of an African ‘green revolution’

The term “green revolution” typically describes the use of agricultural innovations – such as the development of new seeds – to increase yields, particularly in developing countries

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Good performance for South African wine exports

France, Italy and Spain were key drivers. Exports to Germany, the largest destination for South African bulk, grew by a quarter

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The food and nutrition situation in parts of Kenya is worsening

According to the Kenya Humanitarian Partnership Team, of which World Vision is a member, lack of a timely response to an already worsening situation could lead to an emergency level comparable to that experienced in 2011 horn of Africa drought

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Tunisia hoping for a good olive oil season

Collapsed the export of olive oil in 2014 due to a crop far below average. It raises the deficit Tunisian agro-food chain that depends mainly on the olive-oil production


Africa’s youth key to strengthening agricultural economy

More investment needed to create new opportunities for young people in the sector, FAO Director-General tells Regional Conference

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Agriculture ‘engine of growth’ that Africa needs

FAO Director-General marks launch of the African Year of Agriculture and Food Security and 2025 zero hunger target

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Green growth in Morocco will protect the environment and create jobs

A US$300 million loan will promote revenue diversification in rural Morocco, improve the management of natural resources and encourage a shift towards low carbon growth

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