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The Tunisia of oil wants to export more and better

The North African country is negotiating with the European Union to redefine the export fluxes toward Europe

Tunisia exports to Europe the 75% of its production. And this quantity is probably going to increase. For the oil season 2010-2011 the export potential should be around 115,000 tons of oil. This estimation is based on the presumed production of 120,000 tons and a stock of 25,000 tons.

The last 23rd of November Tunisia and European Union started a negotiation to redefine the import fluxes. The Tunisian Minister for Agriculture, Water Resources and Fishing, Abdessalem Mansou publically denounced the troubles for the Tunisian exporters to access the European market.

In particular, according to Abdessalem Mansou, the quotas, organized on a monthly basis, are divided in an iniquitous way. As a matter of fact, they rarely reach the 1000 tons in January and February, when the demand is high, while they are higher in the last months of the year when the European market is stagnant.

The aim of the Tunisian government is the revision of the monthly quotas and the increase of the total export volume to 10,000 tons within 2012.

by T N
02 may 2011, World News > Africa