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Will Africa provide the solution to the world’s renewable energy needs?

Singapore, 13th October 2011 – The world needs a new source of renewable energy. The spotlight is on Africa, with her huge potential for biomass and bioenergy. Biomass West & Central Africa Congress 2011 will kick off from 24th to 25th November 2011 Accra, Ghana.

This timely international biomass congress will be officiated by Honorable Dr Joe Oteng-Adjei, Minister of Energy, Republic of Ghana.

The congress will be attended by both government and private industry stakeholders, with confirmed delegations from Ghana, Benin, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mali, Nigeria, South Africa, Congo, USA, UK, Finland, The Netherlands, Togo & Cape Verde.

This congress will address critical issues including the export of wood pellets to Europe, changing market structure & sustainable certified supplies. The socio-economic structure of rural communities, rural electrification and forestry policies will also be discussed.

Distinguished panel of speakers are drawn from ECREE, Energy Commission of Ghana, Africa Renewables, World Bank, KNUST, Obafemi Awolowo University, Utrecht University, Abellon Energy, Vivus Renewables, Viaspace, Bionic Palm Limited, ISTA, E.ON Climate & Renewables, Mali-Folkecenter, Department of energy- Oil & Mineral Research-Water & renewable energy development, Benin, Rural Electrification Agency, ARPEDAC, Vaasa University of applied science, ANADER and African Biofuels and Renewable Energy Company

When quizzed on the importance of biomass in West & Central Africa region, Mr. Thierno Bocar Tall, Chairman & CEO of African Biofuels and Renewable Energy Company, said: “40% of the population cover 37% of the area where biomass delivers approximatively 80% of energy; forests covering 26.5% of total land and demanding population reaching 996 millions by 2030. Biomass sits at the nexus of a strong potential, opportunities in terms of economic development and improvement of livelihoods.” He further added that biomass in west and central Africa region “ should grow by 21% by 2015 from $572.9 billion in 2010”

Mr Richard Seshie, Managing Director at Vivus Renewables Ghana said “In Africa, project developers’ tend to tap into a few readily available biomass sources and ignore crop residues –the biggest source yet – given their high dispersion means traditional transport options that are non-economical. Exploring radically innovative supply chains could be game changing for Africa in order to reach its full promise.”

Mr Munzer M. Sundos, Chief Business Officer for Viaspace USA, commented "With many of biofuels conferences worldwide, the Biomass West & Central Africa Congress this year is a rare opportunity that truly delivers value. It brings together eminent thought leaders and excellent speaker line up to reveal the biomass opportunities and challenges in future energy and discuss the role Africa could play in EU’s 2020 Renewable Energy targets. This important forum is the only event forum in Africa that brings current and future producers of bioenergy products together with crop growers, municipal leaders, utility executives, technology providers, project developers, investors and policy makers to network, build partnerships, and identify and evaluate technical and economic solutions."

CEO of Magenta Global, Ms Maggie Tan, applauds the activities of ECREEE & Governments in West & Central Africa in harnessing the potential of biomass. “Biomass offers a huge opportunity for Africa in its move towards energy independence in general and green energy in particular. We invite all project partners and stakeholders to join us in Accra.”

This Congress is organized by Singapore-based Magenta Global and endorsed by Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), with the support of ECOWAS Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE), Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (SESSA), Southern African Bioenergy Association (SABA), Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)and Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA).

The Congress proceedings will be in both French & English & will be hosted at the Holiday Inn Accra Airport Hotel in Accra, Ghana

by S. C.
23 october 2011, World News > Africa