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Africa Finance & Investment Forum 2012

EMRC International and Rabobank Foundation to jointly host the Africa Finance & Investment Forum (AFIF) 2012 at bank’s headquarters.

This year’s AFIF Forum, entitled “Financial inclusion through SMEs & Cooperatives”, will gather leading global representatives from a variety of sectors to highlight the financial tools and solutions and growing policy trends to ensure Africa’s economic growth.

In partnership with Rabobank, the Dutch international financial service provider operating on the basis of cooperative principles, the Forum will be held from 17-19 June 2012 at the Robabank headquarters in The Netherlands. Government representatives, experts, business leaders, entrepreneurs and civil society will be represented at the highest level and from all four corners of the world. Concrete measures will be proposed for Africa’s Small and Medium Enterprises and cooperatives sectors, with a particular focus on finance and sustainability.

“The Forum will be held at the Rabobank headquarters, which is significant considering that Rabobank is considered a global financial leader of immense reliability. AFIF this year will once again reach new heights in terms of content, speakers and business opportunities,” says Idit Miller, EMRC International’s Vice Present.

Within the framework of the United Nations ‘International Year of Cooperatives’, the ‘cooperative’ way of doing business is being viewed as the sustainable economic solution to ensure economic growth and stability in emerging markets, as the global financial meltdown has led decision-makers to consider alternatives.

“The spotlight is on cooperatives this year and rightly so. AFIF 2012 will allow Africa to be part of the debate and will provide a platform for business meetings and opportunities to take place amongst the various representatives,” explains Inês Bastos, Project Manager at EMRC International. “Demand is growing for real tangible solutions for African businesses. AFIF 2012 will target this head on and will ensure that participants leave with real solution and business opportunities.”

With an expected 250 participants attending, the Forum will also provide business-to-business (B2B) meetings which are tailor-made to ensure maximum business partnership success. Previous forums have seen over 1,000 of these meetings set up over a 2-day period. In addition, the international media will spotlight the various speakers and interview a select group of participants to highlight regional and local business ideas and trends.

The first two days of the Forum will be held in Utrecht and the third day will be held in partnership with Food First, a Dutch organisation which aims at “putting the food and agricultural issues at the heart of political debates.” The third day includes guided visits to one of the world’s biggest Horticultural Expo - Floriade 2012 (Venlo-Netherlands), organized once every ten years.

Interested participants are urged to contact EMRC International and book a place for AFIF 2012. Please contact

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22 april 2012, World News > Africa