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Canada unveils details of Federal Growing Forward 2 Programs

About 500 million dollars to help industry improve its capacity to adopt assurance systems and to help the sector adapt to rapidly changing and emerging global and domestic opportunities and issues

S. C.

U.S. International Trade Commission investigates the olive oil industry

After a December public hearing, it's harder to understand the future of the US extra virgin olive oil market and the olive oil marketing order. Testimony of some key witnesses will provides a clearer idea

Alberto Grimelli

Hundreds of unique wines but few brands in US retail

200 brands offered by the five largest wine firms in the US. The top firms each contribute to an illusion of diverse ownership by offering dozens of brands, many of which do not clearly indicate the parent company on their label

Graziano Alderighi

In US two new food safety rules that will help prevent foodborne illness

The proposed rules build on significant strides made during the Obama Administration, including the first egg safety rule protecting consumers from Salmonella and stepped up testing for E. coli in beef

S. C.

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