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Not only California, Texas olive oil born

Today, we estimates there are 500,000 olive trees in Texas, and that number could increase by more than 250,000 in the next two years.

Texas has three commercial olive mills distributing to local and chain grocery stores in Texas.

Industry estimates show state olive orchards will yield more than 500 tons of olives this year. If all pressed into oil could sell for about $2 million.

A report commissioned by the International Olive Council found of the more than 76 million gallons of olive oil Americans consumed in 2009, less than 1 percent of it came from American producers.

“So there’s a tremendous void to be filled there, and if you fill it with American farmers, especially Texas farmers, that’s a good thing,” said Henry, founding member of the Texas Olive Oil Council.

by S. C.
08 august 2011, World News > America