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Bed bug pesticides make some sick

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday that the number of people getting sick from pesticides used to kill bed bugs is on the rise.

According to CDC, the said number could increase even more in time. The reason is that bed bugs are now becoming more resistant to common bed bug killers.

As of today, there are not enough cases of serious sickness caused by bed bug sprays yet to declare them a huge risk to public health. Nonetheless, one had already been recorded to have died because of the harmful bed bug pesticides. In addition, 111 people were tallied to have been sick.

Aiming to help bed bug sufferers protect themselves while effectively killing the pests, suggests the use of Bed Bug Bully. The said product is made of 100% biodegradable ingredients. And because it is non toxic, the use of it can spare users from the negative effects of chemical-based bed bug killers.

“With the increase of bed bug cases comes the rise in the number of bed bug pesticides. And though a number of bed bug killers effectively work, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that they can make you sick.”

“According to statistics, one person already died because of insecticides used to kill bed bugs. 111 people were also recorded to have been sickened.”

“As of today, there are not enough serious cases yet to confirm that bed bug pesticides are a huge risk to health. However, they can cause vomiting, nausea, dizziness and headache. For that and many unmentioned problems they can bring, it’s prudent to be very careful with the use them.”

“So you and your family will be protected from bed bugs and harmful pesticides, purchase an organic-based bed bug spray instead. Such safe bed bug killer now available is Bed Bug Bully.”

by S. C.
04 october 2011, World News > America