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America loves chicken recipes

There may still be cookbooks being used in today’s kitchen, however the number one source of recipes for home cooking in the 21st century is the Internet. There are literally hundreds of websites offering tens of thousands of recipes for free including pictures and sometimes even video.

To find a recipe search engines such as Google are being used and in almost all cases a search for recipes results in several hundred recipes.

An online study recently carried out revealed which types of recipes are being searched in the US. The clear winner among all recipe searches on a monthly basis was chicken recipes – which is being searched for more than 4 million times per month in the US alone.

The second spot is held by beef recipes (1.2 million monthly searches) followed by pork recipes (1 million searches). Only 820,000 searches were measures for the ‘vegetarian recipes’.

When analyzing the sub-categories of chicken recipes the winners were chicken breast with more than 1 million searches / month and baked chicken (approximately 800,000 searches) – closely followed by ‘chicken salad’ and ‘crock pot chicken’.

These numbers are averages not taking into account seasonal trends such as around Thanksgiving or Christmas. For reasons not known the most active day for searching chicken recipes are Monday and Tuesday. These numbers tend to decrease towards the weekend while on weekends searches for fish and beef recipes seem to increase.

These search numbers do not necessarily suggest what America wants to eat but certainly what America wants to cook. Pre-prepared or frozen food does not show up in recipe searches nor does what people eat in restaurants. The ‘chicken trend’ in home cooking does not continue when it comes to restaurant related searches: It turns out that ‘pizza restaurants’ get searched more than 5 times as much as ‘chicken restaurants’.

by S. C.
13 november 2011, World News > America