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U.S. citizens gain the most weight over the holidays,

A new research report by has ranked all fifty states on which U.S. citizens gain the most weight over the holidays, combining public health research and medical surveys. The health study found that residents of Texas, New Jersey, and Arizona put on the most weight over the holidays, with Oklahoma and Kansas following closely behind. All five states have an average weight gain of over one pound per person, each holiday season.

Collecting information from the New England Journal of Medicine and America's Health Ranking, researchers at analyzed weight gain over the past twenty years, breaking out holiday weight gain in person. Regression analysis was used to factor out weight gain over the rest of the year, to find which states gained the most, on average, per resident.

The rankings speak for themselves: Texans gain the most weight in the United States (at 1.17 pounds per person), despite not even being in the Top Ten for the most overweight citizens. Residents of New Jersey (1.11 pounds), Arizona (1.06 pounds), Oklahoma (1.04 pounds), and Kansas (1.03 pounds) round out the top five, each adding over one pound of holiday weight per person.

Among the surprising findings:

- "The colder the climate, the less weight you'll put on: Massachusetts residents only gained an average of half a pound, followed closely by Indiana (.51 pounds), Wisconsin (.56 pounds), Pennsylvania (.57 pounds), and North Dakota (.60 pounds)."

- "Being the fattest state didn't necessary mean you gained the most weight: Mississippi residents, historically the most overweight state in the Union, put on less than a pound on average during their holiday celebrations. In fact, only one of the Top Ten heaviest states, Oklahoma, even made the top five in terms of holiday weight gain."

The survey draws one definitive conclusion: no matter where a given state falls on the list, there’s still room for improvement. There isn't a single state in America that doesn't gain weight over the holidays, so we could all stand to lay off the eggnog a little bit.

by S. C.
17 december 2011, World News > America