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Florida gulf is healthy

With talk of red tide leading to claims of unhealthy local waters, Island Crab Company and the fishermen of Pine Island Sound and the area Gulf waters beg to differ. The company, main supplier of seafood for Pinchers Crab Shack, hauled a record 75,000 pounds of Black Mullet over the weekend, proving the waters are in fact healthier than ever!

Black mullet are a versatile fish that can be found throughout the world in warm, coastal marine waters and this fish species is abundant in local Florida waters.

The season for Mullet fishing is year-round, however this time of year is particularly popular as the fish are spawning and Mullet roe is also included in the catch. This large catch is proof positive that our Florida Gulf water’s current status is a healthy one. This abundant activity has created a welcome boost to not only our local Southwest Florida economy, but has opened the door to other business opportunities here in the United States as well as overseas.

Island Crab Company uses cast nets to catch the Mullet. The food grade level fish are shipped north to Georgia and the remaining fish are shipped to Alabama and other areas in Florida where they go to cutting houses. The roe is removed there and the carcasses frozen for later crabbing uses. The red roe is separated, packed and shipped across to Asia.

The public is welcome to come watch the fishermen haul the fish with their cast nets. They’re expecting continued large catches during the Mullet’s spawning season.

by S. C.
29 december 2011, World News > America