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Landcare Volunteers praised

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator Joe Ludwig, has marked National Volunteer Week by congratulating Australia's dedicated Landcare volunteers.

Minister Ludwig said volunteers contribute significantly to changing the face of Australia's rural and urban landscapes, by protecting and restoring the environment and our natural resources.

"The Landcare initiative is a great example of communities working together and the spirit of volunteering," Minister Ludwig said.

"It brings people together regardless of their level of skill, gender, age or cultural background.

"Thanks to these volunteers, we now have vast areas of land experiencing less erosion and better soil management.

"Our coasts are better protected through rehabilitated coastal dunes, and we see more rivers and creeks protected and remnants of native vegetation on farmland restored and connected."

The government's commitment to Landcare and natural resource management in Australia was strengthened last week with the announcement of a further $2.2 billion to continue Caring for our Country.

Funded over five years, Caring for our Country will be delivered through two streams from July 2013. The first stream dedicated to sustainable agriculture, including Landcare, with the second stream focusing on the environment.

"Australian farmers manage more than 60 per cent of our land, with many of them implementing sustainable approaches to the management of soil, water and vegetation, ensuring that its future is secure," Minister Ludwig said.

"Landcare is one of the most enduring and recognisable movements in Australia and I urge all Australians to support it in whatever capacity they can."

National Volunteer Week runs 14-20 May.

by S. C.
15 may 2012, World News > America