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Horse back ride across America

Joey Ballard is a 72 year young Phoenician who is planning a horse back ride across America's borders starting in Washington state.Joey currently works at Turf Paradise Racing Track part time, but longs to accomplish her goal.

Joey has worked as a horse trainer, riding instructor and has owned a substantial boarding and training facility in Washington state, before moving to Arizona.

She plans to use borrowed horses and ride approximately 20 miles a day at a walk or jog. The standard walk is 4 miles an hour.

Joey is able to ride with any saddle and tack (Western, Australian, English) and even hopes the horse owner will ride along with her.

She is looking for sponsors to help pay for an air vest, helmet, riding boots, hotel accomodations and meals.

Joey has dreamed of this journey and will commence in the Fall of 2013. If you are interested in loaning your horse for a 20 mile trek or can donate equipment/hotel/meals, please contact Joey at 602-418-6156 or email her at

by S. C.
24 june 2012, World News > America