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All natural ice cream startup seeks community involvement to open first location

Making all natural ice cream began as a hobby for the two local residents, Scott Berry and Allison Edwards. Soon creating incredible traditional flavors and new varieties became less of a hobby and more of a true passion than that led to a full test kitchen in their shared garage. Over the last three years the couple has taken a small idea of a smart and fresh ice cream experience to a full fledge dream by opening The Whole Scoop’s first brick-and-mortar location in the SCV this fall.

“We have held community events where we have given away our ice cream to local residents for free and the reviews have been fantastic," Berry said. To continue with the their spirit of “share it and they will come”, Berry and Edwards are starting off this great adventure with a Kickstarter Ice Cream Social Event on Sunday, July 15th, 1:00-3:00pm – or until all the creamy good stuff runs out!

The cool thing about the Ice Cream Social, no pun intended – is that the community can play a role, small or large, in “kickstarting The Whole Scoop. “Since this is a self-funded venture, we are using as many means as possible to get our store operating," Berry said. "We have spent most of our savings on equipment and product and are looking to fund our venture in a variety of ways, one of those being community-supported grass-roots funding through Kickstarter."

Log onto to find out more information about the Kickstarter Ice Cream Social Launch Party and check out to donate. You can also contact The Whole Scoop at to learn how the community can help make the dream of sharing all-natural ice cream in a shop that welcomes you to savor each flavor, take the time to chat, shoot some pinball or surf the net a reality….it’s all about the simple things in life that makes The Whole Scoop, and nothing but the scoop!

by S. C.
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