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US celebrates national olive month

Celebrate National Olive Month this August with Holman Ranch Olive Oil. Holman Ranch is currently selling its Extra Virgin Olive Oil online at and at its Tasting Room in Carmel Valley located at 19 E. Carmel Valley Road., Suite C. The Tasting Room offers free tastes of the olive oil and will put together gift packages with wine, olive oil and other goodies for any occasion. Olive oil can be shipped to all 50 states.

The certified EVOO is estate-grown and bottled from Holman Ranch's 100 Tuscan, Spanish and French varietal olive trees. The olive oil comes in 375 ML/12.6 FL. OZ bottles and costs $20.00 per bottle.

Here are some fun facts about Olive Oil! Celebrate this August with by adding a little Holman Ranch Olive Oil to your next recipe!
- Olive oil is one of the healthiest substitute for any fat used in any cooking recipe. Try substituting butter or shortening with olive oil.
- Olive oil contains absolutely no cholesterol.
- Using olive oil in place of saturated fats as the main fat in your diet may actually help reduce cholesterol levels.
- You can bake with olive oil. Just substitute the same amount for the fat called for in the recipe. The result is moist, even textured cake with a tender crumb.
Little known facts about the Olive Tree:
- The olive tree is an evergreen.
- The olive tree was first cultivated in 6,000 B.C.
- Olive trees can live up to 600 years or more.
- It takes 5-8 years before an olive tree will bear its first fruit.
- There are over 800 million olive trees now planted worldwide.

by S. C.
17 july 2012, World News > America