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Ice cream and frozen desserts in the U.S

Global Markets Direct has added a new report Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts in the U.S,: Markets and Opportunities in Retail and Foodservice; 7th Edition to its market research offerings. "In the mature U.S. marketplace for ice cream and frozen desserts, marketers, retailers, and foodservice providers can grow their businesses by creating and marketing products that speak to today’s consumers on an emotional level. Along with localized strategies and niche products representing true differentiation, integrating new media into the marketing mix can create buzz and communicate brand attributes responding to the desires of post-recession-weary Americans wanting to indulge without breaking the bank.

Ice cream and frozen desserts is a highly competitive market, with two multinational conglomerates—Nestlé and Unilever—at the top of the heap. Yet, across the country are hundreds of regional and local competitors that often go head-to-head with the industry giants in particular geographic markets, with many local and regional brands commanding the loyalty of generations of customers. In addition, a slew of niche companies run by entrepreneurs are making more than blip on the radar screen with innovative products. Competing with all of these is the rising specter of private label, with the improved quality of store brands making them an attractive price/value alternative to premium brands.

This completely updated Packaged Facts report examines the U.S. market for ice cream and frozen desserts, analyzing market size and drivers, new product introductions, and competitive strategies for the retail and foodservice sectors. Trends at play in the market include the impact of the recession and slow economic recovery; ingredient costs; targeting adults with premium and superpremium products; and opportunities to market products to Hispanic consumers. The report thoroughly examines the competitive situation, with detailed profiles of trend-making marketers and foodservice providers including Nestlé Dreyer’s Ice Cream, Unilever, Wells Enterprises, Dean Foods, Blue Bell Creameries, Friendly’s Ice Cream, Baskin-Robbins, Dairy Queen, TCBY, and many more .

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by S. C.
02 november 2012, World News > America