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Olive oil from Spain comes to San Francisco

Olive Oil from Spain, part of the Trade Commission of Spain in New York, brings Spanish olive oils front and center at three restaurants in San Francisco during Olive Oil from Spain Restaurant Week, November 12-18.

Here’s a chance to learn the difference between arbequina, picual, hojiblanca and cornicabra. From tapas at neighborhood favorites Canela and Contigo to high-concept culinary art at Michelin 2-starred Atelier Crenn, San Francisco restaurants will feature the most popular varietals of olive oil from Spain on their menus.

Spanish olive oils have a smooth, vibrant and bold taste that enhance flavor and infuse depth into any recipe, cuisine or cooking style. A little taste tease about these popular varietals will tell you that picual tends to have more body, with a slightly bitter taste and a hint of wood while hojiblanca is known for having a large range of flavors, including a light sweet taste in the beginning, a light bitter taste of unripe fruits and an almond aftertaste. Arbequina is dense and fluid, tasting of orchard fruits and cornicabra is known for its fruity aroma and flavor. Both picual and hojiblanca are recommended for high heat whereas arbequina is a good finishing oil and cornicabra is perfect for sauces such as mayonnaise.

Come and taste how Canela, Contigo and Atelier Crenn put their own spins on these unique oils with tableside tastings, special menu items and inclusion in popular dishes.

by S. C.
14 november 2012, World News > America