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Free Christmas event to help individuals reduce the risk of stroke and heart diseases

Ways to minimize the risk of heart diseases and stroke will serve as gifts by Secret Santa helper. It is a known fact that both stroke and heart disease are the main culprits of death in women in Canada.

It is best to learn 6 simple meditative exercises that spans 800 years in existence in order to enhance the health. Chi Activate, an online health company, is providing meditative exercises for free on December 25, 2012. The program will last for 50 minutes where individuals can learn the simple exercises as well as leave them feeling refreshed and energized at the same time.

Furthermore, these commonly practiced meditative (Qi Gong) exercises are performed for tenderly training the intrinsic health of the spine, muscles, connective tissues, joints and other parts of the body.

“Tim, as an instructor was very patient and thorough. He made the Tai Chi lessons truly enjoyable. The exercises were easy to follow but some are quite challenging. After the session as finished, it felt invigorated and relaxed,” stated Jennifer of the Lifestyle Department of Heart and Stroke Foundation.

There are a number of health benefits offered by meditative exercises. It includes the relaxation of muscles, building-up additional energy, correction of posture, relieves stress, toning of the skin and facilitates better sleep. The meditative exercises involve the Six Silken Movements that provide a silk-like quality to both the body and the energy.

They are basically designated as a kind of medical Qi Gong that aims to improve the health. In just a span of an hour, participants will learn these health exercises and will surely change their lives. Additionally, these exercises are designed to relieve present obstructions of chi energy in the internal organs in order to restore vitality and health.

Attire: Comfortable clothes and sports shoes

Location: 5699 Ormidale Street, Vancouver, BC
Time: 12 PM – 2 PM (2 classes with 50 minutes each)

by S. C.
21 december 2012, World News > America