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50% of USA trees killed off each year by human negligence

The Various Competing Trimmer String Line Cord products when compared to the Trimmer Genie failed to outdo the Ingenious New Trimmer Genie Technology Solution.

AutoLawnMow, with its glaring ten-years of expertise in bringing new innovative applications and services to the gardening Industry, launches a brand new mind-boggling trimming tool kit to the market.

A Brand new weed trimmer environmental head trimming Protection Kit, that will undoubtedly revolutionise the outdated weed eater and trimmer string line markets upon its official release in early 2013.

The New Trimmer Genie kit will be available on the market from February 2013, as an easy to operate gardening trimmer, brush cutter, weed wacker tool kit. The Trimmer Genie is dynamic in design as a concerted effort, to create every landscapers and Gardeners dream-trimming tool.

Removing gardeners and landscapers fears of inflicting trimmer string line damage wounds to trees, has been a difficult task for landscapers that has plagued them for years, while trying to trim around trees and plants.

The features and benefits of this new revolutionary gardening trimming tool kit, is about to bring about radical changes in the Trimmer String Line Nylon Cord market.

Planting and Protecting Our Trees from string line cord wounds, is a persistent problem that many landscapers and gardeners are not too happy to discover, or were even made aware of this toxic problem until now, Many Landscapers are eagerly awaiting the Trimmer Genie Launch.

This new gardening trimming tool kit also helps in alleviating the pollution of local environments caused by toxic monofilament nylon trimmer string line cords that naturally stems from the usage and application of other trimming implements.

It is obvious that the purity and safety of the environment is intrinsic to a healthier life while Protecting Trees Around The World for both trees and humans. This brand new Trimming tool kit enhances that, by eliminating the tree damage and toxic pollution helping landscaping contractors and gardeners trim off weeds significantly more efficiently and expediently.

Finally, this trimming kit is poised to impress its users with its outstanding lightening speeds and safety. No harmful or hazardous gardening tool can ever be reasonably useful and as effective for gardeners.

The R&D department at Autolawnmow has considered everything when designing the new Trimmer Genie, and the results are "the fastest, safest trimming kit" ever. This is evidenced by the high inferior trimming speeds when competing against other trimmers string line products.

Trimmer Genie is expecting to attract an enormous amount of interest among landscaping contractors, and Government bodies, given its superior qualities and safety features. It will be released and available internationally from February 2013, and priced at a reasonable price range to enhance affordability.

AutoLawnMow is encouraging potential customers to educate themselves on the Trimmer Genie, and its benefits to the environment offering exceptional quality and effectuality is priority.

This new Trimmer Genie Trimming kit is one that promises to exceed every customer's expectations.

by S. C.
25 january 2013, World News > America