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More need of onion peeler machines in the onion sector

The department of Agriculture in the United States has issued statements to assure local onion producers that any coming decision to import the vegetable will meet transparency rules and regulations. The department of agriculture issued the assurance while bolstering measures to increase the local production of onion.

The total production of onions stood at 124,830 metric tons (MT) in the year 2012. This is a lower production than the year before. The whole sector will see the impact. For instance producers of onion peeler machines will also need to pay attention to the movements in the sector. According to stakeholders in the sector the decision to allow or prevent import of onion is fully discussed.

The government has already allowed the import of 9,100 MT of yellow onions in 2012. Also approximately 8,500 MT of red onions was allowed to be imported in 2012. The department of agriculture issued assurances to the public that grant to importers where being given evenly and fairly.

by S. C.
14 march 2013, World News > America