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Time to plant orange trees in Houston

According to ability tree experts’ Louis Flory, early spring is the time to plant orange trees

Houston Tree expert, Louis Flory says now is the time to plant orange trees in Houston, Texas.

Flory, a veteran tree expert in Texas owns Kingwood based Ability Tree Experts (

He said early spring is ideal for planning orange trees varieties suitable for south Texas since the threat of a freeze is long gone.

“There are many varieties of orange trees suitable for the Houston climate. People are often surprised that our area, which does get occasional cold winters, could provide excellent and sweet fruit. Now is the time to begin the process,” he said this week in Houston, Texas.

Flory said to be sure to pick a sunny location to plant the tree. “The trees like at least six hours of sun per day. If possible, plant south of a wall, where it will benefit from the wall's heat radiation and be protected from the north winds.”

The Texas tree specialist said the area should be tested for good drainage. “You could do this by digging a hole about a foot deep, fill it with water and see if the water is absorbed properly or stands for a long period of time,” he added.

Other advice he gives is to be sure to water the trees twice weekly during the growing season. Floury noted that ‘You should pick a fertilizer with a high nitrogen content or one specially formulated for citrus.”

by S. C.
01 april 2013, World News > America