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Purple Rice, the newest super food now in US

The Combination of Beautiful Aroma and Tasty of Jasmine and Nutritious of Black Rice!

According to ancient Chinese legend, purple rice was so rare, tasty, and nutritious that only the emperors were allowed to eat it. Times have changed. Although purple rice is still relatively rare, research shows it to be high in Anthocyanins. The health effects of Anthocyanis is:

Fights Cancer

High Antioxidants

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Reduced Damages of Gout

Lower High Blood Pressure

Fights Neurological Disease

Reduced Inflammation

Fights Diabetes

Fights Bacterial Infections

Fights Fibrocysitie disease

Purple Rice has more fiber, calcium, iron, potassium and anthocyanins then white rice. This rice is not another white food product that is forbidden to eat, its a food you want to eat.
This is truly a super food!

by S. C.
25 april 2013, World News > America