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Wine prices inching up in US restaurants

Wine prices in American restaurants have been increasing steadily over Q4 2012 and Q1 2013, according to Restaurant Sciences

On average, the mid-priced casual and upscale-casual segments have posted only modest upticks at 1.90% and 1.99% respectively. But family dining increases average nearly 8.36%. Also showing a price increase were white-tablecloth establishments, posting a substantial 5.35% average price increase.

"Family dining and white-tablecloth segments are taking the biggest increases," said Restaurant Sciences president Chuck Ellis. "Casual and upscale-casual restaurants took very little price increases these past six months despite overall sales softness in these tiers."

The Restaurant Sciences survey examined over 28m wine 'drinks' – any purchase of a glass, bottle or carafe of wine, representing $289m in restaurant wine sales. The data reflects a same-store sub-sampling of over 5,000 restaurants, but specifically excludes bars, nightclubs, hotel restaurants and bars, fast food, fast-casual and concession or institutional establishments.

by S. C.
03 june 2013, World News > America