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Eataly and Hero Bags collaborate on new insulated lunch bag available now at Eataly New York City

Designed and developed in concert between Eataly New York’s internal team and Hero Bags in San Francisco. The new lunch bag is designed for Eataly’s high-end food consumer that values artisan quality products.

The exclusive new insulated lunch bag with its bold graphic print of inspirational quotes about food and life is very on-trend and fun. The lunch bag is designed to be taken to work, school or picnic, keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. The organic canvas bag with an insulated layer is machine washable and the quality US manufacturing guarantees years of use and enjoyment. The lunch bag is currently sold at the Eataly’s New York location and soon to be online for purchase. The retail price is $29.80

Hero Bags owner and designer Susanne Maddux says, “I am flattered by this collaboration. Eataly is all about the higher quality food and drink experience that crosses over to our customer base and ethos, this opportunity to create a unique lunch bag just for the Eataly consumer is an honor. Hero Bags goal is to create a uniquely special high quality product for everyday use. We believe that the Hero Bags / Eataly insulated organic cotton lunch bag successfully embodies the Eataly style that celebrates the love of quality goods, food and life.”

by S. C.
11 september 2013, World News > America