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Advent of eco friendly bio pesticides

The report provides market size of India pesticides market, segmentation on the basis of type of pesticides, crops, organized and unorganized, regional consumption, import and indigenous pesticides

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Commercial sea salt samples purchased in China contaminated with microplastics

The researchers tested 15 brands of sea salts, lake salts, and rock and well salts from underground deposits purchased at Chinese supermarkets. The sea salts contained the highest concentrations of microplastics from 550 to 681 particles per kilogram

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The International Olive Council invites the Japanese to “Believe in Olive Oil”

The aim of this new campaign is to introduce new flavours to the Japanese audience and to show how olive oil can be incorporated as a healthy, tasty ingredient in traditional Japanese cuisine

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What climate change implies for global food security and trade

New book assesses climate challenge and ways of coping with it. Beneficiary of an FAO water management project in India checks a groundwater monitoring station

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New Zealand wineries increase profitability again in 2014

This run comes despite concerns over the impact of oversupply, high levels of external debt, the financial crisis and the turbulent bulk market

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Two Italians in Taipei for the culture of the extra virgin olive oil

Marco Antonucci and Fausto Borella, collaborators of Teatro Naturale, despite the crisis this year, continue undeterred to divulge to the world the culture of extra virgin Italian and in December will be in Taipei

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In India encouraging results in the production of olive oil

At the moment the production is 100 tons but the will is to make Rajasthan a center specialized olive oil, thanks to the seven pilot companies that will become much more


China bought less olive oil in past months. Why?

European Union countries supply 90% of China’s imports. Imports of virgin olive oil have recorded season-on-season growth, increasing their share from 82% in 2010/11 to 84% in 2011/12 and 88% in 2012/13

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Gaza conflict costs agriculture and fisheries sector more than $100m

The food insecurity levels in Gaza were already at 57 per cent, and 40 per cent of the population were unemployed

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New Zealand wine industry’s largest research & development programme underway

The largest research and development effort ever undertaken by the New Zealand wine industry designed to position New Zealand as number 1 in the world for high quality, lower alcohol and lower calorie wines is underway

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