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Japan remains stuck in the throes of a deflationary slump

Japan remains an attractive market due to the high existing spending levels and consumer susceptibility to innovation

R. T.

Vietnam is investing alcoholic drinks industry

This Country continues to attract considerable attention and with one of the highest growth forecasts in the Asia Pacific region this is unsurprising

S. C.

Wal-Mart came to India wanted to trasform this agriculture model

The government still does not allow Wal-Mart Stores and other foreign companies to sell directly to consumers

R. T.

The challange of Indonesia on agribusiness

Though the country has recently achieved self-sufficiency in rice, it is still reliant on imports for other commodities such as sugar

S. C.

Turkey joins the International Oil Council

The formal announcement was given only recently, after this year record production, but the country already joined the IOC last February 21st

R. T.

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