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China ready to launch Co2 capture plant

China is rapidly nearing the completion of its first commercial-scale power plant that is able to capture and store emissions, but further study on how and where to lock away carbon dioxide is necessary, if the technology is to get general acceptance.

There is mounting pressure on the world's top emitter of greenhouse gas to rein in the expansion of its CO2 output, whilst the most populous nation itself is concerned about the impact of rising world temperatures on its climate and food production.

It is therefore vital for China to be able to capture and store CO2, the prime greenhouse gas contributing to global warming, in underground facilities.

The primary concern for developers of such projects is on how best to store CO2.

If there was trouble with storage and significant amounts of gas were escaped at once, perhaps in an earthquake, it could kill people at the surface, while leaks would nullify the expected contribution to fighting climate change.

by S. C.
05 november 2009, World News > Asia