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Vietnam pushes to reform and modernize its meat-processing industry

The Vietnamese government is pushing to reform and modernize its meat-processing industry. The push to build more modern slaughter houses, offer investment incentives to private operators, and impose tough laws and standards indicates growing demand for modern meat processing technology. ILDEX Vietnam 2010 is expanding its meat-processing profile to satisfy this demand.

N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Co., Ltd. disclosed that a recent report by VEAS reveals an encouraging development in Vietnam’s meat processing industry. Due to growing concern over food safety along with a rising demand for hygiene, the Vietnamese government is pushing to reform and modernize its meat processing industry.

Ms. Ladda Mongkolchaivivat, General Manager, N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Co., Ltd. (NEO) the organizer of ILDEX Vietnam 2010 said that “according to the report, in 2009 there are 17,388 slaughter houses in Vietnam, of which 626 are operated by the government. Less than half of these slaughter houses -- especially small and medium sized slaughter houses -- have been operated with proper operation licenses; only 35% have met food hygiene standards. The Vietnamese government knows changes must be made.”

“The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) will speed up plans to build 7 modern slaughtering centers throughout Vietnam by 2010. In the past, the private sector hesitated to invest in modern equipment because of high costs and low profit potential. So the government has also launched financial privileges and investment incentive programs to encourage the private sector to invest in modern meat processing technology and to upgrade existing facilities. This will be in tandem with new legislation to enforce industry-wide standards.

“These moves indicate a positive outlook for the meat processing industry here in Vietnam. In order to facilitate the Vietnamese meat processing industry in having access to modern technology, we have expanded our profile now to cover the meat processing sector at ILDEX Vietnam 2010. This should provide a full range of meat processing technology. We have recently been in discussion with world leaders to bring in and showcase meat processing technology at ILDEX Vietnam 2010 in order to satisfy the needs of the Vietnam meat processing industry. Due to an overwhelming positive response, we are optimistic that ILDEX Vietnam 2010 will be one of the most comprehensive meat processing technology showcases for the Vietnamese market,” said Ms. Mongkolchaivivat.

by S. C.
05 november 2009, World News > Asia