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China crop protection summit

Chinese pesticide industry has witnessed rapid development in recent years. Total pesticide output has grown continuously since 2004, reaching 1.9 million tonnes in 2008. This trend is estimated to continue in 2009. However, affected by global financial crisis, pesticide export has been depressed since late 2008.

Chinese crop protection industry will face some development opportunities in the future years, with a series of reforms recently. With ban on highly toxic pesticides and standardization on pesticide formulation registration, domestic demand for highly effective and environmentally friendly formulations will witness rapid growth, which will also promote development of Chinese adjuvant industry.

Besides, pesticide export is expected to go out of the bottom, with rebound of overseas demand and advancement of formulation processing technology. Owing to inefficient technology, most Chinese producers can hardly register products in developed countries. Homemade pesticide active ingredients may enter these markets, but not formulations.

Meanwhile, crop seed industry will also see many development opportunities. With government support, investment on crop seed R&D has maintained growth. GM crops are to play an increasingly important role in Chinese market.

Under the global financial crisis, China is to take the lead in world’s economic recovery, and Chinese crop protection industry is to maintain growth with increasing domestic demand and recovering export. It is essential to grasp the latest market information, technology innovation, and governmental policies. CCM International now brings you to China Crop Protection Summit to meet your need.

by S. C.
18 november 2009, World News > Asia