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China Hall

Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) headquarters held the opening ceremony for the "China Hall" on the 18th to commemorate the Chinese's contribution to poverty reduction around the world.

En Wanze, President of IFAD, attended the inauguration ceremony, he firstly thanked for the Chinese government's support for the "China Hall" and wished the participants and
the Chinese people happy New Year of the Tiger. En Wanze Just visited China in October last year, praised China's remarkable achievements in rural poverty reduction, and
expressed sincere gratitude for the Chinese government's long-term support for IFAD.

En Wanze said: "China is IFAD's one of the most important cooperation partners, I hope our cooperation can be continuous, for China's effort of improving the domestic and
abroad rural poor people live providing help!"

"China Hall" is surrounded by rich Chinese elements, the hall is decorated with traditional Chinese red lacquer doors, blue and white porcelain dish and traditional vases
with Chinese characteristics' wood carving and tile carving as well as the replicas of Terracotta Army are also appear on the "China Hall". The cup used by "China Hall" is exclusively red porcelain, read with gold "China Hall" and "fu" "Lu" "Shou" and so forth.

The CFAD's deputy director Zheng Xiaosong also attended the opening ceremony, said that through cooperation with IFAD, China won a lot of valuable experience for China's
poverty reduction and rural development. Zheng Xiaosong said, The decoration of "China Hall" symbolized the Chinese culture as well as good cooperation between China and IFAD, he hoped that the "China Hall" can witness the importand decisions for poverty reduction and rural development in future.

The brief opening ceremony ended with Chinese folk music. IFAD is one of the three agricultural institutions in Rome founded by the United Nations, began operations in 1978.
The organization's aim are: raising funds, helping developing countries to develop their agricultureon on favorable terms, especially for grain production.

by S. C.
21 february 2010, World News > Asia