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Japanese scientists rediscover an old exercise regimen

Japanese Scientists Rediscover an Old Exercise Regimen

Imagine exercising four minutes and getting the results of a sixteen minute workout. Well according to research conducted by a Dr. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, Japan in 1996 it is possible. Other researchers have shown similar results with strength training.

High intensity interval training is sort of how our early ancestors kept fit. If a bear or some other wild animal approached, prehistoric man would literally have to run for his life and then climb a tree. Thirty or forty seconds and it would be over, either you live or you die. Or they might have to chase down dinner, climb a banana tree or catch a fish with a spear. If one did these things one or two times a day on a daily basis, it was the equivalent of an intense workout. More and more we’re learning that the way our ancestors lived was healthier than we once thought.

Not only does this type of regimen increase strength and endurance, but has been shown to have a lingering effect on the burning calories and blood sugar control.

by S. C.
27 march 2010, World News > Asia