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Dissemination of agricultural technologies in India

Indian Council of Agricultural Research signed a contract with Prasar Bharti, All India Radio for dissemination of agricultural technologies to various stakeholders by using a dedicated time slot at 7:05 – 7:30 pm on every Friday. Today, the first programme of the Council will be broadcast in Krishi Jagat on Indraprastha Channel of All India Radio, Delhi.
The radio programme is available on Indraprastha Channel for listeners on MW 819 KHtzs i.e. 366.3 mts. across the country.
This radio programme, Krishi Jagat includes features, success stories, and discussion forum, on agricultural research, education and extension by involving scientists, farmers, entrepreneurs and policy makers. The topics for talks and discussions are carefully identified and scheduled for broadcast in dedicated time slot for ICAR on every Friday.
The Council is the apex body for coordinating, guiding and managing research and education in agriculture including horticulture, fisheries and animal sciences in the entire country. With 97 ICAR institutes and 45 agricultural universities spread across the country this is one of the largest national agricultural systems in the world.
The ICAR has played a pioneering role in ushering Green Revolution and subsequent developments in agriculture in India through its research and technology development that has enabled the country to increase the production of foodgrains by 4 times, horticultural crops by 6 times, fish by 9 times (marine 5 times and inland 17 times), milk 6 times and eggs 27 times since 1950-51, thus making a visible impact on the national food and nutritional security.
It has played a major role in promoting excellence in higher education in agriculture. It is engaged in cutting edge areas of science and technology development and its scientists are internationally acknowledged in their fields.

by S. C.
15 april 2010, World News > Asia