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Turkey joins the International Oil Council

The formal announcement was given only recently, after this year record production, but the country already joined the IOC last February 21st

Turkey officially joined the International Oil Council. This happened the last February 21st but the news was released only recently. With this new member the Council is now composed by 18 countries:
Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Croatia, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Iran, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Montenegro, Serbia, Syria, Tunisia, European Union and Turkey.

Then, the year 2009/2010 is a memorable year for Turkey that registered a record production and its new membership in the IOC.

This year the Turkish olive oil production was 169,000 tons, an absolute record. The previous record, registered in 2000/2001 was 174,000 tons. In 2008/2009 the production was 160,000 tons. This year harvesting was 1.23 million tons of table olives and 818,000 tons of oil olives.

The number of olive trees in Turkey is around 105 million, while the number of producers is 200,000 circa, mainly in the Aegean area (Izmir-Manisa).

by R. T.
03 may 2010, World News > Asia