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Certified organic milk production

Ecocert India, a principal name in the field of organic and fair trade certification in the south Asian region is all set to promote awareness about certified organic milk production among the farmers, milk producers and agri-entrepreneurs with the successful organisation of its second convention in Pune on 4th October after the much talked about event in Ahmedabad of 15th November 2009.
“Organic milk has remained to be an ignored commodity by the farming community so far,” Dr. Selvam Daniel, Managing Director of Ecocert India said on this occasion. “On the contrary, the consumer demand for ‘safe’ and ‘fearless’ milk is on continuous rise in a country like India! Thanks to the everyday news reports revealing out the several scams about the adulterated, contaminated and chemical milk being sold in the name of big domestic milk brands, every parent is scared of their child’s health and safety.”
“As per a nationwide survey conducted by our organisation milk is one of the top 3 preferred commodities by most of the Indians”, said Mr. Manojkumar, Executive Director, International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture (ICCOA), a Bangalore based organisation. The study of major 8 cities in India reveals that the market for organic milk in these 8 cities is alone worth 1450 crores.”
“We are trying to bridge this gap by encouraging the farmers, milk brands, cooperatives to enter this market on one side and consumers at the other end. Education is required to be carried out both at the consumer and farmers’ level. Consumers need to be told that the safe milk that they are looking for is the certified organic milk and farmers need to be made aware of this demand to be able for them to translate it into the new market opportunity!”, says Dr. Daniel.
“Again there is a small but very serious section of the society who does not consume milk products owing to issues of animal cruelty, ill-treatment with them etc. The organic rearing of the farm animals sincerely addresses these issues with utmost care. The animals e.g. are never tied without specific purpose, allowed to express their physiological behaviour, fed with chemical free fodder, are not given hormonal injections and are reared in a completely stress free atmosphere,” commented Dr. Dhananjay Aghav, Veterinary inspector of Ecocert India.
“Where through such conventions we can effectively reach to farmers, producers and trading community, the domestic level exhibitions for organic food and events like Kavita Mukhi’s farmers’ market, we are utilizing for reaching unto dedicated consumers, make them aware, invite them to join our Facebook page ‘Going Certifiably Organic’ for the latest updates on the availability of organic food, especially milk and milk products in their nearby stores etc, says Amol Nirban, Business Development Officer at Ecocert India.
The event also witnessed an interesting presentation by Dr. Deepa Bhajekar, Managing Director, Microchem laboratory, Mumbai, on clean milk production, its necessity, and also the means and tests to ensure the contamination free milk. A much informative speech was delivered by Dr. Shankarrao Raut, President, Maharashtra state organic farming policy committee on the provisions concerning organic farming and milk production, processing and marketing in the state’s policy. The convention was attended by over 30 different farmers from all over the state.

by S. C.
06 october 2010, World News > Asia