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China: the world’s largest players in forest

When discussing paper and forest products with a manufacturer, purchaser, or investor anywhere in the world, it isn’t long before “China” is mentioned. Over the last fifteen years, paper, furniture and other forest product production in China has increased six fold. This has transformed China from a small regional player to arguably the biggest force in the global forest products market. But in the West, the motivations and methods of the Chinese forest product industry are still greatly misunderstood.

The explosive growth in paper and forest product production in China has put a strain on its forest management infrastructure, and the actions they have put in place to improve infrastructure have largely failed to keep up with demand. Strategic Analysts, a consulting firm servicing the paper and forest products industry, has released a new white paper that explains the history of Chinese Forestry, the challenges it faces, and what the future will hold.

“Our team has developed this white paper because we believe this is one of the most important and little understood topics for players in the forest products industry,” says Michael Marziale, PhD, Strategic Analysts Senior Partner. “This will be kicking off a series of research papers that we will sell to the public.”

by S. C.
23 november 2010, World News > Asia