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Italian extra virgin oils in Russia and China

A single target: to meet the consumers’ tastes. This is the aim of the efforts of the Consortium for the quality of extra virgin olive oil. Eastern countries’ markets are very appealing but also difficult

The most difficult aspect of some of the new markets is to persuade the consumers to the new taste of oil. Until recently the main push to the oil consumption in these areas had been the healthiness of olive oils. Now, this is not enough anymore. It is necessary to induce in the consumers the need for the taste and the gastronomic versatility of the product. This is one of the aims of EU, which recently approved a three years program for the promotion of olive oils by the Consortium for the quality of extra virgin olive oils. So, after the very positive experience of this Consortium in India, it is now going to face the new Far East big markets: Russia and China.

Elia Fiorillo, Chairman of the Consortium, is very satisfied but prudent: “As for India, it will be necessary to fight against strong cultural walls. We’ll evaluate with our experts if setting a campaign on the oil healthiness, like in India or not. For instance I’m thinking to other aspects, like taste and fashion, or beauty and fitness”.

The funding for the three years program is 3,500,000 euro. The Consortium Chairman is confident: “nobody will resist the sensorial seduction of a high quality extra virgin olive oil: the fragrances perceived during the tasting always astonish the new consumers. This is the reason why we decided the comparative tasting to be the main communication mean in all the future promotions”.

Let’s see what the results will be. Conquering new markets is always difficult. At this purpose is enough to remember that until 30 years ago the olive oil was not appreciated in the North of Italy. Also in this case the main problem was to convince the consumers to the aromatic taste of the extra virgin olive oils. Who normally uses colorless, odorless and tasteless seed oils is wrong-foot with an extra virgin. This is even truer for very far countries, with a radically different diet. So, best wishes for the success of the Consortium and of its Chairman Elia Fiorillo and its Director Mauro Meloni. Finding the proper strategy now means winning tomorrow.

by S. C.
07 february 2011, World News > Asia