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Bright prospective of China’s fluoric pesticide

Organized by CCM International Ltd., China Crop Protection Summit (CCPS) 2011 will be held on March 18th to 19th in 2011 at Ramada Plaza Gateway, Shanghai, China. As an ideal platform for obtaining the latest market information and networking for key industrial leaders, CCPS covers most of the current hot topics related to crop protection industry. The summit consists of half a day pre-conference workshop and one and a half days conference. One of the workshops is Bright prospective of China’s fluoric pesticide intermediate industry.

China has abundant fluorite resources (CaF2), with total reserve volume of over 260 million tonnes, accounting for two thirds of the world’s volume. Nowadays, with advantages of high efficacy and low toxicity, fluorine-containing pesticides have become a R&D hot spot in the world.

Domestic producers focus more on deep processing of fluorine chemicals with higher added value. Price of 2,4-difluoronitrobenzene, an intermediate of fluoric pesticide, is about USD12,000/t, which is much higher than that of its raw material fluorite (CaF2 >90%) of USD120/t. China still has great potential growth in fluoric pesticide industry, as fluorine-containing pesticides merely capture less than 8% of total market share in China.

In the workshop of CCPS, the discussion among experts from domestic and overseas top enterprises will focus on the following points:
-Introduction of current fluoric pesticide intermediate industry in China (covering related production & market information on major product varieties, downstream product varieties, etc.);
-R&D (including production technologies, routes, waste treatment, etc);
-Prospective analysis (major influencing factors, potential development space, etc.);
-Discussion over commercial opportunities in China (capital/technology investment, trade cooperation, etc.)

The workshop leader of Bright prospective of China’s fluoric pesticide intermediate industry will be Long Lu, Researcher of Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Lu is deputy director and professor of Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS. Besides, he is also vice president of Shanghai Society of Chemical and Chemical Industry, Executive Director and Associate Secretary-General of Chinese Chemical Society, and also Secretary General of Federation of Asian Chemical Society. He specializes in organofluorine chemistry and fluoropolymer, crop protection research, as well as polysaccharide from Chinese traditional medicine.

by S. C.
16 february 2011, World News > Asia